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pS82 Series  Pressure Switch

Economical Miniature Vacuum Switch 


PS82 Series Vacuum Pressure Switch 

Quick Specs... 

  • 5" to 28" Hg Max. Rising; 24" Hg Max. Falling (169 to 948.2 mbar; 812.6 mbar) 




  Overview    Specifications    Dimensions   

Overview / Design Principle: 

These miniature vacuum switches, based on our proven PS71 pressure switch series, are designed for demanding applications where space and/or price are strong concerns. 



Wetted Parts 

Diaphragm:Nitrile Standard (Optional Viton®, Neoprene, or EPDM) 
Fitting: Brass (optional 316 SS)
Spring: 316 Stainless Steel

Operating Temperature 

see table below 


see table below

Electrical Termination  

DIN 43650A IP65; Male Conduit with Flying Leads IP65; Flying Leads IP00, IP option IP66 

Proof Pressure 

0 psia to 350 psig (-1 to 24 Bar)

Burst Pressure  700 psi (48 bar) 



Weight, Approximate 

Brass: 0.4 lbs (0.18 kg) 



Recommended Operating Temperature Limits*

Diaphragm Material

No option, -10A, -SP or -RD

Option -RD, or -RD and -G

Option -SP or -10A


15°F to 185°F (-10°C to 85°C)

15°F to 250°F (-10°C to 121°C)

15°F to 212°F (-10°C to 100°C)


0°F to 185°F (-18°C to 85°C)

0°F to 250°F (-18°C to 121°C)

0°F to 212°F (-18°C to 100°C)


-10°F to 185°F (-23°C to 85°C)

-10°F to 250°F (-23°C to 121°C)

-10°F to 212°F (-23°C to 100°C)


-10°F to 185°F (-23°C to 85°C)

-10°F to 250°F (-23°C to 121°C)

-10°F to 212°F (-23°C to 100°C)

* Switches may function below the cold temperature limit but the setpoints and deadband will increase. Consult factory for details.


Switch Ratings

Electrical Switch Ratings



No option or -RD

5 amps @ 125/250 Volts

5 amps resistive, 3 amps inductive @ 28 Volts

-G or -RD with -G

1 amp @ 125 Volts

1 amp resistive, 0.5 amp inductive @ 28 Volts

-SP without -G

10.1 amp @ 125/250 Volts

-SP with -G

2 amp @ 125/250 Volts


Repeatability / Deadband

 Pressure Range Code

Pressure Range 


Average Deadband*


5-15" Hg (169-508 mbar)

± 0.71" Hg (24 mbar) + 2% of setting

3.05" Hg (103 mbar) + 7% of setting


12-28" Hg (406-948 mbar)

± 1.63: Hg (55 mbar) + 2% of setting

6.1" Hg (207 mbar) + 8% of setting

* These numbers are for the standard microswitch. With either the -SP or 10A option, the values are typically 50% greater than those listed. With the -RD option, the values will be typically 20% less than those listed. In certain applications, deadband can be tailored and controlled to customer specifications. Consult factory for details.

 Flying Lead
A  See Ordering Info 
B  1.58" (40) 
C  1/8 Allen Wrench Adjustable Screw 
D  1.1" (28) 
E  Red, NO.; Green, NC.; Black, COM. 
 IP68 Option
A  2.20" (56) 
B  0.125" (032) 
 DIN 43650
A  1.95" (50) 
B  DIN 43650A 
C  1.10" (28) 
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